I'm a progressive, or liberal, or leftie, or whatever term you want to use. Politics are generally pretty important to me, and sometimes I've even gotten involved. As a bisexual person, I've also been involved in issues and activities of the bi and queer communities.

Progressive stuff I've been at least partially involved with:

MoveOn.org A site originally created to get the country to focus on issues instead of the Clinton impeachment, which took up so much of Congress' and the people's time and energy. The organization now has a focus on collecting lots of progressive minded people electronically to get them to lobby government officials on a number of issues. It also includes a political action committee that raises funds for liberal candidates (and seeks to defeat far-right ones).

Dennis Kucinich: A Congressman from Cleveland who ran for president in 2004, and is doing so again in 2008. He is a great inspiration for folks like me that would like to see the Democratic Party stand up for some of the progressive ideals it used to. I did a small amount of work in Cincinnati to help get him to town and increase awareness of his '04 campaign.

Also in 2004, I volunteered on election day for election protection efforts designed to help ensure people were not disenfranchised in Ohio. The effort was sponsored by a number of groups, chief among them People for the American Way, an organization that works for civil liberties, voting rights, and other issues.

Other political links:

Brave New Films

American Civil Liberties Union

Democracy for America

True Majority

LGBT stuff with which I've been involved:

For 2 years (1998-2000) I helped organize BECAUSE, an annual midwestern conference on bisexual issues. Out of the conference grew the Bisexual Organizing Project, a resource group in Minneapolis.
The conference had lapsed for a few years, but it seems to be back for the Spring of 2008.

In late 1999, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, I helped found a local chapter of the Iowa Coalition for Human Rights. Starting in February 2000, we worked on getting the City Council of Cedar Falls to add sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories in the city's Human Rights ordinance. A proposal was eventually brought before the council (containing only sexual orientation, not gender identity), and it was voted down (with only 1 vote in support) in January 2001.

Other bi links:

Bisexual Resource Center

The American Institute of Bisexuality, founded by pioneering researcher, the late Dr. Fritz Klein

General LGBT links:

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, which seeks to educate the public and government on LGBT issues and works for equal rights for people of all sexual and gender identities.

QueerNet, for e-mail lists and online communities.

GenderPAC, a national transgender rights advocacy and lobbying organization.

Lambda Legal Defense, a non-profit organization that provides legal services and advocacy for the LGBT community.


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