Music that I like to listen to:

My musical tastes are actually pretty eclectic, but there are a few groups and performers who I'm obsessed with.

Probably my favorite is the band They Might Be Giants. The band has an official web page, and there's an unofficial site run by fans of the band. Strange and surreal music that covers a lot of styles, but always a lot of fun!

DEVO is another great group. What's that you say? "The guys who did Whip It? Weren't they a one-hit wonder?" No, far from it! They recorded 8 albums, and did songs for several movie soundtracks. Their last album was in 1990, but they still get together and perform a few times a year (even though they all have other musical pursuits and/or day jobs now).

Kate Bush is a really interesting singer with a unique voice and style. An Irish native, she's always been more popular in the UK than in the US. In 2005, she put out her first album in over a decade: Aerial.

For odd cover tunes, and irreverent hilarity mixed with science, you can't beat The Evolution Control Committee. It's a one-man outfit, based until recently in Columbus, OH. He has now moved his operations to San Francisco.

Grand Buffet is a hilarious rap duo from Pittsburgh. You will know the joy of Grand Buffet from merely checking out their website!

A musician I know personally is Mike Ciul, from Philadelphia. Experimental feedback music and stuff. Yeah!

Bill Leeb and Rhys Fulber form several bands, including Frontline Assembly and Delerium, producing different genres of electronic music (industrial, ambient, etc.). Read all about them here.

Also, if you like industrial and other dark electronic stuff, check out the internet radio station Digital Gunfire.

Another great radio station is 97X, one of a few truly alternative rock stations left in the country. They are sadly no longer on the airwaves, but are still going strong on the internet.

And, of course, if you like really, really strange music, you'll probably like The Residents.

Here's a list of other groups/performers/composers that I recommend (in no particular order):

Bare Naked Ladies Johann Sebastian BachThe Dead Milkmen
Peter Gabriel Steely Dan The B-52s
Ministry Nine Inch NailsEnya
Philip Glass"Weird Al" YankovicFront 242
Elvis CostelloChristine LavinThe Cure
Pet Shop BoysTalking Heads/David Byrne Depeche Mode
ErasureThose Darn Accordions Skinny Puppy


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