The seaking FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Sean

Technically, only some of these are actually frequently asked about me. This apparent discrepancy can be rectified by thinking of FAQ as also standing for Frequently Anticipated Questions (i.e. someone would have asked me sometime).
Q: Why do you call yourself "The Sea King"?

A: It's all one word: seaking. I've been using that as my username for over a decade now, and it comes from my name. The first 3 letters of SEAn, the first 3 letters of KINlin, and my middle initial G.
Q: Are there any interesting anagrams of your name?

A: There is exactly one anagram of "Sean Kinlin" that I find interesting. Go to my home page and look for it...
Q: Do you have a nickname?

A: Not currently, but I used to be called "Nate". The story behind that is a bit long and not really interesting enough to be worth the telling.
Q: Do you actually shave your head with a blade?

A: Yep. I take a regular safety razor to it, the same as I do with my face. I do so to my head about once a week.
Q: But how do you see the back of your head to shave there?

A: I don't. I learned long ago how to do it by feel - it's the only effective way. And yes, I usually nick myself at least a couple of times. So far, it has not resulted in any brain infections...
Q: You're pretty tall. Do you play basketball?

A: No. The one does not necessarily imply the other.
Q: Didn't I see you at [PLACE] on [DATE/TIME]?

A: No, you're probably confusing me with some other white guy with a shaved head, beard, and glasses. Happens all the time.
Q: Is this a meta-FAQ?

A: It is now.
Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Wine, burgundy, other colors in that family. (you were expecting a Monty Python answer, weren't you?)
Q: How are you?

A: Because I was born.

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