No, I don't have any comics that I've drawn. This page lists comics of which I'm a fan. You might want to check them out.

Comics I read on the web:

Meh~! is a bunni comic by Wing Mui. Wing is a very silly person.

Do check out the adventures of Liliane, bi-dyke by Montreal artist Leanne Franson, if you're into things queer and/or Canadiennes.

Narbonic, by Shaenon Garrity, is another favorite. It originally ran on the Modern Tales site. Narbonic ended, but is being rerun daily with commentary by the artist.
Shaenon also recently started a new strip called Skin Horse.

Another site in the Modern Tales family is Girlamatic, which includes many neat strips like Jenn Manley-Lee's Dicebox (which moved back to its own site, actually). More recent favorites on GAM include Compass, by Traci Spencer, and Galaxion, by Tara Tallan.

Another one that started at Girlamatic is the sci-fi comic Kismet: Hunter's Moon, by Layla Lawlor. She also has more comics at her main site.

Christopher Baldwin has several interesting comics at his site, including Little Dee and Bruno.

Possibly the funniest strip I read right now is Templar, Arizona. At least, it seems to make me laugh out loud more often than any other comic. The artist, Spike, is also quite an interesting world-builder.

Sluggy Freelance is a silly strip by Pete Abrams. Sort of science fiction, though fairly unclassifiable.

Those who work in the Info Tech world will probably like User Friendly by J. D. "Illiad" Frazer.

A more recent discovery is the autobigraphical comic The Devil's Panties.
As the artist is fond of saying: "It's not Satanic porn!"

Questionable Content is a very funny, mostly slice-of-life comic, with some indy music sensibility. It's done by Jeph Jaques, who lives in nearby Easthampton, MA.

There's a great selection of comics at It's also a good site for news (with an admittedly liberal slant).

And I read my favorite daily newspaper strips on the web. Many strips are available for free at the sites of Ucomics, United Media, and King Features Syndicate. Of particular note is my favorite political cartoonist, Ted Rall.

Some comic books and creators I like:

Castle Waiting is a beautiful fantasy/fairy tale comic by Linda Medley. Wonderful characters and stories!

Sarah Dyer and Evan Dorkin are the creators of several fun titles, such as Action Girl and Hectic Planet. They have a site called The House of Fun.

Roberta Gregory is the awesome creator of the series Naughty Bits (starring Bitchy Bitch!), as well as many other works.

Take a look at the minicomics of Pam Bliss. You can also read her columns about making your own comics at Sequential Tart, a web zine that reviews comics and other media, has interviews with comic creators, message boards, and more.

See more cool minicomics at Suzanne Baumann's site.

Matt Howarth has done lots of comics (many self-published) since the '70's, many of which incorporate his love of strange music.

Jeff Nicholson has done lots of neat (and strange) comics. His latest is Colonia.

Jason Lutes has a very compelling art style, not to mention great stories like Berlin.

Jeff Smith's Bone is another great one. Check it out.

Elizabeth Watasin does lots of spiffy comics! Check her out.

An artist with quite a varied range of styles (and who has written some hilarious stuff) is Kyle Baker.

Scott McCloud, the writer of books about comics and somewhat of an authority on Internet comics, has a lot of cool comics of his own on his site.


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